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Short Historic Reference

During its history Fastiv has been the western advanced post, a satellite town of Kyiv. The name of the town was mentioned for the first time in 1390 in the chronicles. At those times the Lithuanian King Vladimir Olgerdovich offered the right of owning of the place to the generation of the Rozhanovski. But there are some sources that prove that the name of the place of Fastiv could appear much earlier, in the times of Kyiv Kings Oleg and Igor when the state of Kyiv Russ was being built.

Due to its position Fastiv has always been on the crossing of many arteries where cultures of neighbouring states – Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and the peoples of Crimea and their interests were deeply intertwined here.

The peak of fame and considerable increasing of its economic and political life of the town felt at the end of the 16th – the beginning of the 17th century when the Cossack colonel Semen Paliy headed the town. He managed to gain quite independent administration of the ancient Cossacks’ territories between the Dnepr and the Slouch Rivers since the end of the 1680s. Some historians say that it was at that time when on the right bank of the Dnepr the Cossack’s administration got the forms of state formation. This territory had its fixed frontiers and was called “the State of Paliy”.

A lot of famous people visited, lived and worked in the town of Fastiv and its region in the second half of the 19th – the first half of the 20th centuries, among them there were the world famous poet and artist Taras Shevchenko, the famous composer Kiril Stetsenko, Ukrainian writers Stepan Vasylchenko and Semen Cherednychenko, the famous scientist and inventor Mykola Benardos, the well-known violinist Pavlo Bondarenko, and a lot of other outstanding people.

Some Geographical and Demographical facts

Town area – 43.15 square km (about 10800 acres).

The town is situated 67 km to the southwest from the capital of Ukraine Kyiv on the banks of the Unava River.

Water sources: the Unava River (8 km length).

Fastiv and the District of Fastiv border on: Popilnyansky District of Zhytomyrska Region in the west, Vasylkivskyi District of Kyivska Region in the east, Makarivskyi district in the north, Skvyrskyi and Bilotserkivskyi Districts in the south.

The nearest airport “Kyiv” is in 62 km.

Population – 50509 (54% women, 46% men).

Pre-reproductive age – (0 – 14) - 29%.

Reproductive age (15 – 39) - 58%.

Post-reproductive age - 13%.

Modern Fastiv is the town with popular expressive Cossack glory. In Ukraine it is known as the town of railway workers, polygraphists and tailors.

Town Branch Priorities

  • Fastiv is an important junction of the Ukraine’s Southwest railway system. There are 17 railway enterprises here. The most famous in Ukraine are:
    - the Ukrainian State Refrigerator Freightage Center “Ukrreftrans”,
    - the Refrigerator Depot,
    - the Railway Car Shop,

  • Polygraphist industry and publishing (there are 2 enterprises: LTD “Uniwest Marketing” Company and the Municipal Publishing House “Polyfast”.

  • Chemical and oil-chemical industry (joint stock company “Fakel”, the process oil plant “Arian”),

  • Machine building,

  • Light Industry (clothes factory “Kozak” realizes its products in Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia. The main item of its products are men and women’s trousers),

  • Food industry,

  • Woodworking industry,

  • Building materials,

  • Output of package products (joint stock company “Elopack-Fastiv”).

    Economical Showing of Town Development

    Fastiv takes one of the leading places among the towns of Kyivska region in many economical showing.

    For the last three years the industrial growth rate makes 124%.

    The gross output per person is 2620 hryvnyas.

    Export growth rate is 12%.

    Prospects of Strengthening of Economical Potential of Fastiv

    There are about 750 acres of non-used lots. The most attractive large territory which has well-developed railway and motor communications is situated in the so- called ‘Industrial zone’ (in a suburb). Four successful enterprises have been working here for a long time.

    This free territory in Fastiv is planned to allot both for building new enterprises and dwelling. We are looking for investors very actively now.

    Volodymyr Tymofiiv, the Mayor of Fastiv

    Volodymyr Tymofiiv, Ukrainian, was born in the village of Bilen’ke in Zaporizkiy district Zaporizka region on December 13, 1950.

    In 1974 he graduated with honours from the Political Combined-Arms School in Novosibirsk and got higher education. In 1974-1994 he was in the Soviet Army and Ukraine’s Military Forces as a political officer, commanding officer’s mate. Now he is a major in reserve.

    In 1994 Mr. Tymofiiv was elected the head of Fastiv Town Rada (Council). Later he worked in Kyiv in the Ukraine’s Public Rada where he headed the legal department. He’s got useful practice and knowledge in the branch of housing and communal services while heading department in Vasylkiv town Rada in Kyivska region.

    The Mayor is an energetic, initiative man; he has deeply developed feeling of justice and has always stood for the constitutional rights of the citizens, fought against organized crimes and corruption. He is known to be a principal rights defender for his activity in All-Ukraine’s Public Society of Veterans, where he headed Coordinative Rada of the Committee for defending right of milititary men and offices and the Ukraine’s security service “For Justice”. In his service records of 2003-2006 there are 35 thousand won trials in favour of the pensioners of the forced structures and returning to each of them from 10 to 30 thousand hryvnyas that hadn’t been transferred to them by the Pension Funds. He is one of the organizers of the protest meetings near the residence of the President, the Supreme Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers.

    At the same time V.Tymofiiv stands for improving the social status and social maintenance of teachers and fulfilling article 57 of the Constitution of Ukraine “Education Law” by the Government.

    During the election campaign of 2006 together with the editorial board he started publishing two public political legal editions – “For Law and Order - Justice” and “The Herald of Remedial” (10 and 15 thousand issues)

    On April 10, 2006 he was elected the head of the Town Rada for the second time. The Mayor is married and has three children.

    Mr. Tymofiiv is sure that it’s necessary to overcome the gap in the life of the Ukrainian people on the background of the most highly developed European countries.

    He actively stands for a new model of governing on the level of the local community, for the expending of permissions of the institutions of local governing, reforming housing and communal services, extending the dialogue territorial communities of the town authority, forming new approaches to keeping the common hosing resources, organization of the use of land, establishing open, clear politics of the usage of the budget funds and social defense of the citizens, looking for investors for building of dwelling for the townspeople. He pays great attention to learning the advanced experience, worries about cultural enrichment of his countrymen, especially the youth, who needs special support under these complicated conditions of its formation and the belief in its future.